februari 2019

Maintenance Period

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Defects Liability Period This period start normally directly when the equipment supplier and system suppliers deliver their installation to the clients and is one of the warrantee conditions. COLMAN-air has his own professional team of engineers that check installations on daily basis and warrantee the client that it also keep in top conditioning. Already [...]

Warranty Time Period

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The Period Of Time That Warrant Free Repair And Adjustment Services COLMAN-air can supervise the first 2 years that the installation(s) is running and together with the client modified the set points but also mail function from equipment or systems and looking for solutions with suppliers to warrantee the client a correct working system [...]

Commissioning and Balancing

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Ensure That Systems Are Operating The Way The Owner Intended After the building and installing phase one of the most important phases is coming, Commissioning and Balancing equipment and systems, COLMAN-air make for that professional Commissioning and Balancing books and coordinate and check this process, normally between the 2 weeks until 1 month this [...]

Project Management

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Managing Projects The Construction Phase, 90% of the Clients decide to let COLMAN-air do the project management for the technical installations, from Daily management until only the project management meetings, this depend on their own technical team that’s available. In this phase COLMAN-air normally represent the client in the process of checking equipment in [...]

Bidding Phase

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The Process Of Submitting A Proposal This phase, normally the most important phase for clients in the total process. COLMAN-air makes professional bidding books for the major equipment and or systems and put the responsibility by the companies from the bidding, and for that COLMAN-air can warrantee his clients that there are no gap [...]

Preliminary Design

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A High-Level Design Concept That Meets The Requirement Specifications After the Concept Design and estimated budgets, Architect, structural engineers and COLMAN-air can make their next step to refine their designs. COLMAN-air not only make a design but after years of experience they also look further to the construction period and give the client valuable [...]

Concept Design

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The Creative Path To The Best Product For many projects COLMAN-air designs the total Concept Design. After the architect finished his Concept Design the client and COLMAN-air create the Concept for Energy Saving, Health, using way of the building and technical budget. The last 3 years the International oil price rise more than 100%, and clients who buy or rent the building are taking care of energy consumption in their new- or renovated building.

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