The Process Of Submitting A Proposal

This phase, normally the most important phase for clients in the total process. COLMAN-air makes professional bidding books for the major equipment and or systems and put the responsibility by the companies from the bidding, and for that COLMAN-air can warrantee his clients that there are no gap between Equipment and/or system responsibility to the clients.

Together with the client, COLMAN-air make the list from companies that joint the bidding(s). COLMAN-air experience of products, bidding processes in the past and what really get delivered, can help the client to make their choice in this sometimes difficult process.

After the bidding(s), COLMAN-air makes for the technical part a evaluation and recommended the client the most complete tender. The client can make than their choice in price level and/or other for the client important issues.

In more than 60% from COLMAN-air clients, want that COLMAN-air do the total bidding process, because of the experience and impartiality from COLMAN-air.