The Future of Climat Control Has Already Begun


About us

COLMAN-air’s unique products

  • Our Unique IVAV unit is proofed all over the world and was yearly updated to meet the new standards, regulations and laws for climate installations.
  • Our unique design of Air Handling Units (with a complete service area into floors) deliver more rentability in the same building volume than other HVAC systems and are shipped with the worlds highest Class filters, the PPM 1 Class. This combination results in less maintenance and warrants the end user perfect indoor climate.
  • Our special PDS(L) diffuser is one of a kind. It has the capacity to correct more than 5 supply directions with a coanda effect of 99,5% and a led light spot unit of 65 watt for the PDSL version.
  • Our latest Diffuser is the Wall Mounting Induction Jet Diffuser which can reach pitch until 40 meters.

COLMAN-air’s future products/goals

  • In 2019 COLMAN-air will bring their new Trough Induction Jet Diffuser to the market. This product has already passed the internal tests and was approved by COLMAN-airs management. This ceiling diffuser is seen as a new succes for the Asian market.
  • Beijing COLMAN-air Co., Ltd China will double the production volume of units and triple the volume production of diffusers from 2017.
  • Triple the import of AHU’s (Air Handling Units) from 2017.
  • Investigate  Climate leasing in the next years.

Are you ready for the next step in climate control?